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“What are the benefits of burning pellets?”

Convenience. Pellet stoves are self-lighting and have thermostat control. Plus, they are self-cleaning (without the work or a chimney)! Pellet stoves have great efficiency and heat circulation. Extremely low particulate emissions due to their high burn efficiency and the density of the fuel. They can be a great addition to any room in your home.

Similar to wood-burning but most pellet units have much higher combustion and heating efficiencies than ordinary wood stoves or fireplaces.

Fire Starting: Some units have automatic ignition while others need you to manually light the pellets.

Adding more fuel will immediately increase convective heat. Radiant heat will remain steady.

Dry storage is suggested. Pellet fuel is normally sold in 40-pound bags. Normal usage is 3-4 tons a year, about 150 – 200 bags. Bags are often sold as 1 ton on a pallet.