Biltmore – Majestic Wood-Burning Fireplace

Biltmore - Majestic Wood-Burning Fireplace

From: $1,859.00

The Biltmore is the largest wood burning fireplace in the industry. With larger than life style, classic masonry appeal and a viewing area like no other, the Biltmore will add charm and distinction to your home.

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  • Three sizes available; 36″, 42″ and 50″ (50″ size not available in Canada)
  • Clean face design enables finishing materials to be applied up to firebox opening
  • Can be installed flush with floor or on a raised hearth
  • Impressive, masonry-style traditional or herringbone molded brick panels
Product Brochure
Product Brochure (French)
Architect Guide: 36" Models
Architect Guide: 42" Models
Architect Guide: 50" Models
CAD Drawings

Biltmore 36

Viewing Area:36 x 28-1/2"

Biltmore 42

Viewing Area:42 x 28-1/2"

Biltmore 50

Viewing Area:50 x 33"
Front View: 36" Model
Front View: 42" Model
Front View: 50" Model
Side Views: 36" Model
Side Views: 42" Model
Side Views: 50" Model
Top View: 36" Model
Top View: 42" Model
Top View: 50" Model
Unit Locations: 36" Model
Unit Locations: 42" Model
Unit Locations: 50" Model
Framing Dimensions: 36" Model
Framing Dimensions: 42" Model
Framing Dimensions: 50" Model
Basic Clearances: 36" Model
Basic Clearances: 42" Model
Basic Clearances: 50" Model