Royalton – Majestic Wood-Burning Fireplace

Royalton - Majestic Wood-Burning Fireplace

From: $999.00

The Royalton has earned a strong reputation for classical style, superior performance and outstanding features. Find out more about these timeless units below.

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  • 36” or 42” viewing areas
  • Bi-fold glass doors available in Black & Stainless Steel
  • Convenient ash lip
  • User friendly front damper handle locks in open/closed positions
  • Traditional brick interior
Product Brochure
Product Brochure (French)
Architect Guide: 36" Model
Architect Guide: 42" Model
CAD Drawings

Royalton 36

Viewing Area:36 x 21"

Royalton 42

Viewing Area:42 x 21"
Front View: 36" Model
Front View: 42" Model
Side Views: 36" Model
Side Views: 42" Model
Top View: 36" Model
Top View: 42" Model
Framing Dimensions: 36" Model
Framing Dimensions: 42" Model
Unit Location: 36" Model
Unit Location: 42" Model
Basic Clearances: 36" Model
Basic Clearances: 42" Model